People complaining about the free U2 album are ungrateful cunts

Aren’t you special flowers.  You’re the same kind of assholes that complain to the restaurant manager that you didn’t like the complementary amuse-bouche.

You’re so cool, OMG OMG, so cool you put down a very famous artist’s work. I mean, you’re not complaining to the world through social media because you’re fucking pathetic attention whores desperately trying to bring meaning to your empty lives by shitting all over everything. You’re so above that.

Anyway, that shit’s too mainstream. Nevermind that you’re using mainstream fucking iTunes.

I’ve hurt your tender feelings of individuality, and I know it put you out having to make like 3 or 4 clicks to delete some free content.

Here, let me make it up to you by dipping my balls in your tea while you take a look and see how many shits were given over your hurt feelings.



One thought on “People complaining about the free U2 album are ungrateful cunts

  1. The anger and discussion sure surprised me. I was never terribly keen on the group though I had a few pirated songs. I was pleasantly surprised with the free album. It mayn’t been a horse I would have bought, but I think it has good teeth. Think I’ll put it on now.

    Priorities. Some lives must be so full, the little things lose perspective.
    Namaste and care,


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